Rise of New Heroes

The Heist

We resume in the aftermath of the Until base battle. Their foes have been driven off, and our heroes were… questioning the prisoners. Shadow was using some technique that was leaving his prisoner gibbering and crying. Although this technique seemed as though it may garner some information, Shadow suddenly stopped and turned him over to Until. The threat of electrocution that was being used by Ley Gong had very little effect on the highly conditioned VIPER agent he was interrogating, and he too turned over his prisoner. After receiving the thanks of Until (and Human Shield fawning over Two-Gun Murphy), the party returned to base.

Several days later while on patrol, Metamorph and Ley Gong noticed a disturbance at the bank. They called into base and were quickly joined by the rest of the team. Wasting little time, they sprung into action. Shadow teleported in to begin rescuing hostages, and the rest of the team burst in through the door. After a pitched battle with the four super powered bank robbers, the team emerged victorious, with half of their foes unconscious, and the other half surrendering.

Cluster F***

As the team watched over the UNTL armory through the night, Human Shield and Metamorph spotted several VIPER aerial APCs and a Powered Armor agent flying into the base. As most of the agents scattered, the Armored agent and a small squad of troops went into the garage/hangar. The team immediately leapt into action with Shadow teleporting himself and Bob into the front of the hangar, narrowly avoiding teleporting into a Ruination class battle tank. Ley Gong followed right behind landing near Bob and Shadow behind the tank. An outnumbered group of UNTIL agents were at the far end of the hangar firing wildly at the VIPER agents who were taking cover behind UNTIL APCs.


Marvelous Bob spent more time trying to find out who he is. Of the five capes with similar powers, Bob first went to Stronghold to visit prisoner 24601, aka Murdoch Masters. While unable (or unwilling) to give Bob any answers, he did agree to help train Bob out of sheer boredom. Bob and a couple other members of the team spent some time training and picked up some new tricks. One extra thing Bob learned was that Murdoch’s powers were almost an exact match for his own (although at a much lower power level).

It's On

The group quickly lost any pretense of stealth when Metamorph (still in his normal human form) fell from the top of the stairway. Fortunately, Ley Gongcaught him and brought him back to the top before flying back down. The

Hitting the Streets

In the aftermath of the battle with the the huge creature, the group had retreated back to base. All of the heroes with the exception of Metamorph were badly injured, but Quantum healed them in a mater of moments. That healing visibly weakened Quantum who called it a night and retreated to his room.

Street Pizza

A relaxing team Dinner at Three Coins was interrupted by a report of an explosion at the Museum. Once again the team rushes to the museum, this time to follow a trail of destruction leading to a huge four armed creature.

The Team is Formed

Most of our heroes have been in town or active for only a short while. But that didn’t stop Quantum from inviting the heroes to join his newly re-formed Bay City Guardians. During the initial invitation meeting a report of a break-in at the Bay City Museum sent the team off for their first test, foiling Techmaster’s attemt to steal artifacts from the museum’s new Ancient China exhibit.


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