Rise of New Heroes

Cluster F***

As the team watched over the UNTL armory through the night, Human Shield and Metamorph spotted several VIPER aerial APCs and a Powered Armor agent flying into the base. As most of the agents scattered, the Armored agent and a small squad of troops went into the garage/hangar. The team immediately leapt into action with Shadow teleporting himself and Bob into the front of the hangar, narrowly avoiding teleporting into a Ruination class battle tank. Ley Gong followed right behind landing near Bob and Shadow behind the tank. An outnumbered group of UNTIL agents were at the far end of the hangar firing wildly at the VIPER agents who were taking cover behind UNTIL APCs.

The unknown armored villain was flying over the tank, and with a look, caused it to back up, right at Bob, Ley, and Shadow. Bob and Shadow both managed to get clear, but Ley was crushed through the side of the building. Before anybody could react, the villain released a swarm of small gun-drones to harass the heroes as well. At this time Human Shield, carrying Metamorph in metal form, landed from his super-leap at the front of the hangar and proceeded to hurl Metamorph with every ounce of strength he could muster. RIGHT AT THE TANK. Unfortunately for Metamorph, he was only slightly tougher than even the side armor of a main battle tank, and was left unconscious in the guts of the tank.

The villain then cut loose with a huge blast of energy at Shadow and Bob. Shadow managed to bamph out of the path of the beam, but Bob took a good hit. Then about a quarter of the drones proceeded to batter down Bobs defenses, leaving him unconscious as well. The rest of the drones hammered Human Shield who managed to remain upright under the withering assault. Sensing how desperate the situation had become, H.S. launched himself directly at their powerful foe, the impact of which dropped both of them for several seconds.

The rest of the VIPER agents, sensing that the tide was turning against them, ceased firing and boarded the closest APCs they could in an attempt to flee. Ley Gong, who had recovered by this point, managed to disable one of the APCs, while Shadow teleported into another and by teleporting the piloting agent Somewhere Else, intimidated him into surrendering. At this point, Human Shield and the still unknown Super were both back on their feet. The armored baddie took off in full retreat, but not before threatening Human Shield with vengeance.

As the scene closed, Ley Gong and Shadow were both trying to get the location of VIPER’s main nest from two captured agents. Using techniques that appeared to have the surviving Until agents rather upset.


Menagon Menagon

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