Rise of New Heroes

Hitting the Streets

In the aftermath of the battle with the the huge creature, the group had retreated back to base. All of the heroes with the exception of Metamorph were badly injured, but Quantum healed them in a mater of moments. That healing visibly weakened Quantum who called it a night and retreated to his room.

The group, back in fighting trim, went back out to face the creature again, following it to the police station where the trail dead-ended. Chief Huxley met with the heroes and thanked them for warning the station that the creature was inbound, stating that they probably saved the lives of many officers. Unfortunately, it seemed as though the creature was successful in retrieving a soul fragment, as the team discovered a the charred remnants of a small statue in the ruins of the evidence lockup.

Back at base, most of the team decided to crash, but Metamorph headed out to the museum to gather some info. After questioning the security guy guarding the large hole leading out of the museum, Metamorph contacted the museum curator Dr. Phil and arranged a meeting for the next morning.

As most of the team had to attend to their civilian jobs, Marvelous Bob met with Dr. Phil who informed him that the charred statue and a similarly charred and broken box had been part of a shipment of Chinese artifacts. A crate from the same shipment had been stolen from the Airport about a week earlier. Unfortunately, he was unable to provide any specifics about the items themselves. He told Marvelous Bob that he should be able to contact Bob later on with a contact who specializes in Chinese history.

A short time later Bob headed into Chinatown with directions to talk to Bian Ze. This ancient seeming character was finally able to tell Bob of some details of their foe, Chiyou. Armed with the knowledge that Chiyou needed 3 more artifacts to collect his entire soul, Bian Ze surprised Bob again with one of those 3 artifacts and instructions on how to re-contain Chiyou.

Taking this information and the soul piece back to base, the team realized that they needed the assistance of a mystic. With Quantum's help and an item left for that exact purpose, they summoned up Dr. Occult who attuned a crystal to Chiyou's soul "signature". This crystal lead the team to a garage where the heroes broke in and took the soul piece by force. The team struck first, but everyone in the garage quickly began firing automatic weapons at them to no effect.

Following the crystal, the team arrived at a mansion on the outskirts of the city. Following some quick reconnaissance by Shadow the team made their way to an huge underground ceremonial chamber where a large pentagram was surrounded by a group of 13 robed figures.


Menagon Menagon

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