Rise of New Heroes


Marvelous Bob spent more time trying to find out who he is. Of the five capes with similar powers, Bob first went to Stronghold to visit prisoner 24601, aka Murdoch Masters. While unable (or unwilling) to give Bob any answers, he did agree to help train Bob out of sheer boredom. Bob and a couple other members of the team spent some time training and picked up some new tricks. One extra thing Bob learned was that Murdoch’s powers were almost an exact match for his own (although at a much lower power level).

Meanwhile, Metamorph and Shadow spent their time trying to track down VIPER. Shadow kept it more low key, listening to the streets and finding out that VIPER has been recruiting heavily recently. Metamorph, on the other hand, went for a more “active” approach which lead to a meeting between himself and mob boss Vincezo Francesca. In exchange for an agreement to help the the mob develop advanced personal armor, Francesca told Metamorph about VIPER’s plans to raid a local UNTIL armory. The night ended with the team watching over the base, waiting for the VIPER attack.


Menagon Menagon

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