Rise of New Heroes

Street Pizza

A relaxing team Dinner at Three Coins was interrupted by a report of an explosion at the Museum. Once again the team rushes to the museum, this time to follow a trail of destruction leading to a huge four armed creature. During the fight the creature revealed that it was searching for the pieces of its soul. While initially sympathetic, it further revealed it needed its soul so it could "reign for a thousand years." Feeling that this would probably be a bad thing, the team fought on, nearly defeating the creature. In desperation, the beast resorted to using Metamorph as a distraction, by hurling his unconcious body straight up. Marvelous Bob, in an attempt to prevent Metamorph from becoming street pizza, used his TK to slow down and attempt to catch him. The monster laid Marvelous Bob out while he was concentrating on saving Metamorph. Fortunately for Metamorph, Ley Gong managed to fly and catch him at the last minute. Badly injured and with half the team unconsious, Ley Gong and Shadow decided that a tactical withdrawl was called for and retreated to base, leaving the creature to continue its search.



Street Pizza
Menagon Menagon

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