Rise of New Heroes

The Heist

We resume in the aftermath of the Until base battle. Their foes have been driven off, and our heroes were… questioning the prisoners. Shadow was using some technique that was leaving his prisoner gibbering and crying. Although this technique seemed as though it may garner some information, Shadow suddenly stopped and turned him over to Until. The threat of electrocution that was being used by Ley Gong had very little effect on the highly conditioned VIPER agent he was interrogating, and he too turned over his prisoner. After receiving the thanks of Until (and Human Shield fawning over Two-Gun Murphy), the party returned to base.

Several days later while on patrol, Metamorph and Ley Gong noticed a disturbance at the bank. They called into base and were quickly joined by the rest of the team. Wasting little time, they sprung into action. Shadow teleported in to begin rescuing hostages, and the rest of the team burst in through the door. After a pitched battle with the four super powered bank robbers, the team emerged victorious, with half of their foes unconscious, and the other half surrendering.


Menagon Menagon

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