Known Powers

  • Self teleportation
  • Teleportation of small objects
  • Teleportation of others
  • Teleporting energy (fire)


As a professional thief he made a good living. Mostly to take care of his nice whom he cared for as his daughter since both of their parents had died. While on a big job on a cargo ship, he found himself in a trap and was locked in one of the cargo containers. As he felt the container hit the water he knew he was going to die. He knew he did this to himself but worried about his nice, and who was going to take care of her. As the his tomb sank to the bottom he heard a voice. “Serve ME and you will have the power to leave here. Serve ME and you will live.

As he was thinking that had no idea what or who this was the voice came once more but louder. Bolder. "*TIME IS RUNNING OUT. CHOOSE. LIVE OR DIE.* So choose he did and he found himself ripped from his watery grave in agonizing pain as flames and ash wiped over his face from the fires that in engulfed everything in sight.

As he knelt down in pain a dark figure came forth and grabbed him by the neck. With its other hand it plunged its five claw-like fingers deep into his chest then threw him to the ground as if tossing aside a doll.

It faded away and left him in agonizing pain. He laid there for what felt like days until he woke up on the beach as if nothing had happened. Looking at his watch it had only been five hours since he was on the ship. Just as he was thinking that it had all been a dream, he felt a great pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw five marks where the claws of the shadowy creature had dug into his flesh. Then came the voice, “YOU ARE MINE UNTILL YOU HAVE DONE AS I WISH. GO. FREE MY BROTHERS. YOU WILL BE DRAWN TO THEM. FREE THEM AND SO TOO SHALL YOU BE FREED

For the next 5 years he found and freed all thirteen of them. After freeing the last one he yelled out, “I have done as you asked. Now free me. Let me go.” The voice came, "*WHAT DO YOU MEAN,* “free me”? YOU ALWAYS WERE. YOU HAD FREE WILL. I COULD NOT FORCE YOU TO THAT WHICH YOU DID NOT WISH TO. NOW LIVE KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE DAMNED THIS WORLD. SOON MY BROTHERS WILL HAVE THE POWER TO FREE ME. AND YOU WILL BE THERE TO SEE THE WORLD BURN."

For the next three years he has been trying to find the 13 demons that he has freed but no luck yet. Knowing that he had the power to free them he may be able to send them back.

One day, after looking for the thirteen and trying to redeem himself by protecting the city, he gets an odd call saying that his presence is needed and to come to this place where more will be explained.


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