Human Shield

Known Powers:
  • Super Strength
  • Super Toughness
  • Super Leaping

  • Bio:

    Real Name: Ymwe

    “Christian” Name: Ezekial

    Born: 1835

    Died: 1865, 1911, 1945, 1978.

    Backstory: Ywme was born to a tribe in southern Egypt, the last of a necromancing tribe who worshiped and was given favor by Anubis. The tribe thrived for years on the revenue earned for their expertise in mummification. Once the ancient ritual was no longer looked upon as a proper means of burial, the tribe had to sustain itself by other nefarious means. As long as Anubis was pleased, all actions were shined upon.

    One day in the mid 1830s, the tribe was attacked without warning. Not being a warrior class tribe, the elders and males of the tribe evacuated the women and children down the mouth of the river, while they accepted whatever fates the gods dealt them. For three years, the remaining tribe traveled down the Nile, deeper into the heart of unexplored Africa and unfortunately into the hands of Dutch traders. The remaining tribe were either caputered or killed, including the last surviving relative of Ymwe, his sister. Ymwe, being a healthy child, was appraised highly for the position of house boy and was thrown on a boat to America.

    He was purchased by the Anderson family’s patriach, Redmond Joseph Anderson, a tobacco owner from the rolling hills of North Carolina. He was brought to Sun Valley Plantation and renamed Ezekial as his real name was that of the “Savage people” and it was more “Christian.” Ezekial grew knowing the world of Southern Aristocracy and never knowing his true lineage, only hearing stories of the homeland.

    As Ezekial grew, he started to attain a bit too much knowledge. One day he was caught attempting to read The Bible and was “re-assigned” to be a field hand. While there he met a Molly, a woman of Caribbean origin who worked mostly tending to the Anderson children’s needs. The two began to grow close, despite the concern of Redmond and warned Ol ‘Zeke on more than one occasion not to get mixed up with that woman.

    January 2, 1865: The Anderson family has fleed to his sister’s estate in Florida. Ezekial was tending to some of the ranch hand duties when he heard screams coming from the estate. When he rushed into the estate he found the Anderson children on the floor, Molly covered in blood and cowared in the corner, and Redmond Anderson standing over them all with tears in his eyes and a cast iron skillet in hand. Without thinking, Ezekial tackled his owner and beat him unmercilessly. Unfortunately for Ol’ Zeke, a group of townspeople heard the cries as well and rushed to the house to find the grizzly scene. They could only assume one thing… Ezekian done got uppity.

    That was the first time Ymwe died…

    (Once Ywme crossed over, a weird happenstance occurred. He was brought directly to the court of Anubis. This was particularly confusing as the dead were normally ferried to the afterlife and not transported to the ferryman. Anubis basically wanted to know how Ymwe was and why was he there. His guess was as good as Ymwe’s. Anubis then looked closely at Ywme, noticing something familiar about him. Upon investigation, he realized where Ymwe came from and asked about his tribe. Ywme told the tales that had been passed down to him from his elders.

    As the tale grew longer, Anubis became more frustrated. He summoned his minions and asked them to bring the remaining members of the tribe to him at once. Panic ensued as a shocking realization came to light. None of them had crossed over. They had died, Ymwe being the last, but none had crossed into the afterlife and were nowhere to be found.

    Before a search could take place, a pillar of fire erupted in the chamber. Moments later, Ra appeared. He felt a disruption in the balance of light and dark and he felt that it came from this place. Anubis explained that his chosen people were missing except this one soul. Ra asked why did it take so long for Anubis to check on his tribe.

    Anubis’s deal was to provide his tribe with prosperity, in exchange routine sacrifices of livestock and grain. When the offerings stopped, the people fell out of favor. No one knows why Ywme’s tribe stopped the offering, but the cosmic balance swung hard into the tribe.

    Ra suggested that he take Ymwe to balance out the disturbance until they could figure out what is going on. Anubis had another idea. Instead of giving some favor to his whole tribe, he would bestow all of the favor in Ymwe and allow Ymwe to bestow favor upon humanity. Send the last member of his chosen tribe and have him show favor on not just a group of people, but the world. Ra asked how he intended on doing this. Anubis said that since Ywme was never ferried, technically, he never died. As such, Anubis was going to send him back. Ra refused to allow him to send Ywme into a living soul or reincarnate him without waiting in line. Anubis said that is fine… he’ll send him back home. And in a pillar of fire, Ymwe was gone.

    January 2, 1895: Cold… Dark… Dirty. These were the sensations that Ol’ Zeke had to entertain for 5 days. 5 long days of scratching and pulling at dirt, root, and god knows what else was in his way. 5 long agonizing days of moving slowly… closer and closer to his goal.

    January 10, 1895. Having returned to Sun Valley to avenge his death, he would receive the first of many disappointments in his life… the plantation was gone. Not fallen into ruin. Not forgotten and dilapidated. Gone. The mighty house, the long and prominent path, the bustling tobacco fields. All that stood there were memories of time past… and a large crater.

    January 23, 1895. “It was horrible. The day after they hung that colored boy, the heavens opened up and the next moment, that entire farm was on fire. You should have heard the screams coming from that place. I swear to the Lord Almighty, I’ve seen some things because of the war… but I ain’t ever seen nothing like that.”

    “What about da people?”

    “Well after they hung that boy, they found out he never hurt those children. That voodoo, pardon my French, harlot was trying to poison the family to gain her freedom. The ignorant fool! Trying to harm innocent children thinking a neg-ra would ever get away with that. Can you imagine?”

    “No ma’am. I shore can’t! So then what happen?”

    “Well ol’ Redmond set out to bury his children in his home. Strange enough he left all the slaves on the farm in the house. Can you imagine? Leaving all those uncivilized barbarians locked in a room, expecting them to behave?”

    “So… they were all…”

    “Wiped off the earth like the plague they are. No big loss. Except for the farm. Poor Redmond just never came back.”

    ”...thank ya ma’am”

    To Be Continued…

    Human Shield

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