Rise of New Heroes

It's On

The group quickly lost any pretense of stealth when Metamorph (still in his normal human form) fell from the top of the stairway. Fortunately, Ley Gongcaught him and brought him back to the top before flying back down. The

Hitting the Streets

In the aftermath of the battle with the the huge creature, the group had retreated back to base. All of the heroes with the exception of Metamorph were badly injured, but Quantum healed them in a mater of moments. That healing visibly weakened Quantum who called it a night and retreated to his room.

Street Pizza

A relaxing team Dinner at Three Coins was interrupted by a report of an explosion at the Museum. Once again the team rushes to the museum, this time to follow a trail of destruction leading to a huge four armed creature.

The Team is Formed

Most of our heroes have been in town or active for only a short while. But that didn’t stop Quantum from inviting the heroes to join his newly re-formed Bay City Guardians. During the initial invitation meeting a report of a break-in at the Bay City Museum sent the team off for their first test, foiling Techmaster’s attemt to steal artifacts from the museum’s new Ancient China exhibit.


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