Tag: session


  • The Team is Formed

    Most of our heroes have been in town or active for only a short while. But that didn't stop [[:33765 | Quantum]] from inviting the heroes to join his newly re-formed Bay City Guardians. During the initial invitation meeting a report of a break-in at the …

  • Street Pizza

    A relaxing team Dinner at Three Coins was interrupted by a report of an explosion at the Museum. Once again the team rushes to the museum, this time to follow a trail of destruction leading to a huge four armed creature. During the fight …

  • Hitting the Streets

    In the aftermath of the battle with the the huge creature, the group had retreated back to base. All of the heroes with the exception of [[:36629 | Metamorph]] were badly injured, but [[:33765 | Quantum]] healed them in a mater of moments. That …

  • It's On

    The group quickly lost any pretense of stealth when [[:36629 | Metamorph]] (still in his normal human form) fell from the top of the stairway. Fortunately, [[:wesman | Ley Gong]]caught him and brought him back to the top before flying back down. The