Another New Day

As we discussed, we’ll be moving the game to Thursday starting this week. Tuesday is going to be Bloodbowl. Also, I picked up 6th Edition this week and have been busily converting everyone over to the new edition. Although I’m thinking that this may be a good time for a little “ret-conning”. If anybody’s got any issues with their characters (not you Eddie), let me know, and we’ll see about making adjustments.

And don’t worry. The system hasn’t changed dramatically as far as playing. Character creation seems to be the big difference(and mostly for the better I think). They de-coupled the stats from the figured characteristics now. So there’s no reason to buy an obscene DEX in order to get your SPD, OCV, and DCV all up. So it’s got a little more granularity now, which is a good thing.

And if anybody’s interested, I’ve already started writing up the next group of badguys in the new edition. Muhahahacoughcoughahhem Let’s just say, it promises to be… interesting…

New Day, New Time

So just to remind everyone (assuming anybody actually reads this lol), starting next week the game will be Tuesday starting… Err.. 7ish? Ok, I don’t remember the actual time. That sounds about right though. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.


Somebody choughClarencecough complained that I missed something in the last Log post. Well, part of the fun of a Wiki format is that you people (yes, I said “you people”) can also edit pages. I trust you guys not to vandalize anything (well, at least if you don’t count the things some of you do with spelling, punctuation, grammar, or capitalization as vandalization). On a related note. The latest Log is up.

Adventure Log

Seriously, anybody who wants to do the missing Adventure Logs, knock yourself out. I’ve done the latest one, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do the rest. I’ll try to get them started. Then you guys can add to them. Maybe… Lol.

Character Pages

When you fill out the page for your character, in the Description field, you can write not just a description of your character, but also a brief write-up on known powers. (see Quantum for an example)

The Adventure Continues

Updated the Adventure Log. Both sesions are accounted for now.

Links page.

Rise of New Heroes

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